The last electronic vote for the local council chairmanship in Oshodi district has just been cast by Musa, a certified local carpenter (clc) using the SYL's schoolmate device, a tiny piece of technology that doubles as his electronic access to the virtual university via the xApi based e-telepathic system.


This is a particularly overwhelming achievement by the Oshodi district council in consonance with the federal e-government of Nigeria, celebrating the conclusion of the 35th national elections that is absolutely violent free and entirely fair.


Nigeria has come a long way. it was not easy overcoming poverty, corruption, crime, ethnicity and mass illiteracy against all odds, a feat that has launched Nigeria into an enviable position among the comity of nations as the second most industrialized nation in the world.


Thank God. Somehow, we learnt the, accessible and qualitative education for everyone. Some 30 years earlier, this was a mere dream...

Would you dare to dream with us?


The Daylight Foundation

The Daylight foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) inspired by the life of Late Prof. G. Olalere Ajayi (OAU, ile-ife) reflecting his lifelong desire and pursuit to bridge the divide between global technological realities and sustainable growth and development in Africa.

Functionally, it is a capacity development initiative that utilizes the benefits of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to package and deliver Indigenous and easy to access educational contents for the grassroots, thereby facilitating an effective knowledge driven economy through e-learning and e-governance in Nigeria.

Goals and Objectives

  • Creating indigenous interfaces that will facilitate the spread of ICT knowledge for sustainable development at the grassroots, thus helping to overcome the barrier of fear and language.
  • Creating accessible teaching and learning virtual environment that will boost rapid delivery and comprehension of classroom instructions and instructional materials
  • Creating attractive online alternatives that will lure people away from cyber crimes thus helping to check the menace
  • Help promote and Induce social cyber discipline and computer based intellectual development
  • Create a technological ambiance for self-paced ICT skill acquisition
  • Creating sources of revenue and employment opportunities for participating individuals and corporate organisation
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The DFLP provides a new technological driven paradigm of schools that suffice entirely online. With schools online, it is believed that the knowledge divide in Nigeria may now be tackled effectively without the burden of providing highly capital intensive 'brick and mortar' infrastructure.

The DFLP provides different categories of 'virtual schools' where students and teachers collaborate. The advantage of these virtual schools cannot be overemphasized. The platform directly address the peculiar problem of congestion experienced presently with the grossly inadequate real-time educational infrastructure, promoting the spread of !CT based teaching and learning activities at the grassroots, and of course, providing a source of revenue for all participating educationists, administrators and even the obvious beneficiaries, the students.



The Virtual Counselling Guide (VCG) is an unbiased profiling of career opportunities offered in all tertiary institution in Nigeria . It is an effort to address issues that have evolved when young people make career choices based on parental coercion , peer pressure or inability to gain timely university admission into their chosen fields of pursuit.

This trend, we believe has created an unfair relegation and neglect of the so called Non-Professional Courses which are usually underfunded and under-patronized.

With the VCG, you may now search for courses offered in Nigerian tertiary institutions and get information with regards to talent requirements, academic requirements, prospects and relevance to national growth and development.



Pocket money is an educational game app that rewards participants with monetary gains after participation. It is a learning platform where users earn credits on the go until these earnings are convertible into real cash. The purpose of this platform is to endear technology based education to the youth via established and well guided learning pursuits.

With the reality that majority of Nigerian Parents understand that quality education is the only means for their wards to break free from the clutches of poverty thus placing the right premium on it, the dimension of corruption and desperation in the system has caused many to bribe their way through the education ladder without any sense of value for the true essence of education.Pocket money is a bold attempt to reverse this trend, using the same bait, cash returns, to inject sound educational values, starting with fertile and young Nigerian minds, then the whole of Africa.


The Team

  • "If we dream of an intelligent society, we must think of sacrifices to make that will give the masses cheap, accessible and quality formal education.Light is good but illumination is better, The purpose of light is illumination. The purpose of illumination is liberty."

    Oluwatosin Odubela Founder/CEO
  • "Our Vision is to Provide a sustainable National e-learning infrastructure for Nigerians by 2020"

    Olayinka Odubela National Coordinator
  • "Creating indigenous interfaces that will facilitate the spread of ICT knowledge for sustainable development at the grassroots, thus helping to overcome the barrier of fear and language."

    Segun David Olumbe IT Systems Architect

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4, Ede Road, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

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